5 Dating Tips For Foreigner Men To Succeed In Dating Asian Women

Any man with an active social life succeeds in having a relationship with women easily. That may not be the case for Westerners looking for love with Asian women.

These dating techniques eventually provide the same success if you like to be happy in a relationship with an Asian girl.

The dating tips work for foreign men, so use them if you like to achieve that real romantic relationship you’re looking for with Asian women.

1. Neat Appearance is Essential

The easiest method to boost your chances with Asian women is to present yourself well.

Most Asian girls, just like other girls in the west, look for a gentleman who is neat. So, you don’t want to miss out on meeting women. Show yourself wearing something presentable.

Have you seen how James Bond carry himself well in clothes?

Try to achieve that aura when you meet your Asian date for the first time.

You don’t have to get expensive brands of clothes. Of course, you might think, “Girls shouldn’t be looking in clothes for their man.”

That’s correct!

However, make no mistake, that Asian girls, look on ‘how neat and good you’re wearing clothes’.

Regardless of how comfortable you’re on ripped T-shirt and shorts – unless you date a free-spirited Asian girl – work on wearing fabulous clothes that will make you stand out.

Visit an excellent clothes shop and ask an assistant to help find the best clothes for your body type.

You can also go to a custom tailor, for some custom tailored clothes.

If you travel to Asia often, there are custom tailors that are affordable, compared to fashion shops in New York or London.

Appearance is quite important especially if you need to generate photos for your user profile on the dating site.

Ladies can simply be turned off by men who seem untidy.

2. Get Fit And Healthy

If you’re overweight, shed some pounds. You may ask, why getting fit’s important in the Asian Dating game, well you don’t want to appear sickly when you meet your potential Asian mate.

For Westerners, fast food diet is prevalent, so cut back on that and switch to healthy eating.

It’s easy to notice a man working out in the gym or if he exercise regularly. A daily physical activity can accelerate your metabolic rate, which helps you avoid fat storage in the body.

One thing I also notice on wealthy Westerners dating Asian women. The hot Asian girls like dating decent looking foreigner men that are fit.

3. Good Personality

Getting good results in Asian dating sites can also be attributed to having a good character.

It may be hard to know how would this fit for everyone, but when you look for potential dates in dating sites, be personable, considerate, and with a positive outlook.

A foreigner man is appealing for a romantic relationship with an Asian girl if the guy is upright, regarding manners and behavior. Bad boys may have a hard time dating Asian ladies.

Most Asian women are traditional, conservative, and in some cases, spiritual, so they’re looking for a man with a good disposition.

The point is a matter of self-reflection, so it’s up to you how to look at it.

If for some reason, you need to polish yourself, you can start reading self-help books or take tips from a life coach.

Also, I notice charity and volunteer work, can bring out the real person in most people, so you may want to consider that.

4. Be Open Minded

As soon as you go to Asia, you may be in for culture shock, as it’s quite different from the Western world.

Although you’ll see modernized cities in some way, the provinces are old and traditional.

So, how does this relate to your search for an Asian wife?

Well, depending on which Asian woman you’ll meet in dating sites, it’s highly likely that she either comes from the city or the province.

If she’s from the city, you may have little adjustments when you visit her as Asian cities are quite modernized.

However, in most instances, you’ll meet an Asian girl from provinces.

In areas of Asia, it can still be undeveloped. Sometimes her place lack clean water (you have to go to a well) and has a weak network signal (for Internet connection). Also, the food in the provinces is not your usual fine dining cuisine. You may even see your girl eat with her hands.

Take note of these when you date an Asian girl and make a note to yourself to be open-minded.

5. Create Real Personable Dating Profile

An excellent user profile in dating sites can help you open your dating pool to Asian women.

Create a good description. Give a snapshot of who you’re, how you live your life and the connection you’re seeking. Your sketch should start out by describing your most distinct and positive quality attributes.

What are you all excited around? Do you like seeing concerts and going to music bars? How about helping others? Do you aim at winning a surfing competition? Do you have an advocacy of saving stray cats? Say them in your profile.

Express who you desire to meet, the type, not the features. Be certain to tell who you want to see in your dating profile, without appearing overly explicit as to physical characteristics. Avoid posting your desire to meet someone at a certain age range, skin color, eye shape, or body shape.

Don’t talk about your bitterness, hostility or sadness either. Negativity is not that attractive! Not only do you appear as negative, but you also send a message that you’re the same thing you say you don’t want.

Wrap Up

That’s it. Apply and use this tips to get a head start in your search for love with Asian women.

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